Flashback Friday: 19th Anniversary of My Existence


I have a confession to make. Although I still count myself a novice blogger, this is not my first entry into the blogging world. I had another blog prior to this one, which focused solely on budget fashion. Since then, my mind has grown more curious and I've somewhat broadened by blogging aspirations, so I created this one. However, I don't really want to import my posts from that blog to this one. Instead, I've decided to create a mini-series of posts from my old blog #FlashbackFriday. I chose this particular one in the lead up to my 20th birthday next week. It's crazy to think it's almost been a year since I wrote this!

The 19th Anniversary of My Existence

That’s pretty much what a birthday is, right? Celebrating how many years you’ve been alive. Birthdays are the one day of the year where you get to feel extra special (and for those leap year kids, then one day of every 4 years)… but for what? Why do you deserve this special treatment?

Well from the perspective of a medical student, I can tell you, your organs are working long and hard to keep you alive. Your heart pumps 7000L of blood around your body every day, your kidneys filter almost 200L of this blood every day, your liver makes proteins essential to your functioning, your skeletal muscle constantly contracts and relaxes in response to your movement, and last but certainly not least, your brain oversees every single action, both voluntary and involuntary, that your body does to ensure you stay alive. Now for a little math. In 19 years, my heart has pumped 48545000L of blood around my body and my kidneys have filtered 1387000L of blood to ensure I retain vital ions for my survival, among many, many other things that I’m yet to learn over the next six years. So yeah, I guess I do deserve special treatment hey :P

Science aside though, my birthday felt every bit special this year not because of all the stuff going on inside me, but because of my family and particularly, my friends, since I live away from home. I’ve not had the smoothest past few weeks for a personal reason, but I could not have asked for anything more on this day.

It began with a usual night of chatting with my friends, when at 12am on the 14th of August, they bring out the most delicious lemon cake I’ve ever tasted, courtesy of P, A, and A (thank you guys!) and my roomie gave me the sweetest birthday card to complement the sweet treats she gave me (chocolates of all shapes and size!). Then began the phone calls from home and from my cousins, not only in Australia, but everywhere.

And that was only the beginning of the night.

During the day, I spent my time lazing about, painting my nails and dancing wildly to songs in the confides of my room. I also had a few lectures (that I may or may not have skipped on the basis of “It’s my birthday”), so here’s my uni outfit of the day – sorry for the bad picture quality.

Temt: Orange sleeveless top $5 
Paper Scissors: Aqua green shirt blazer $15 (Makeshift: This is meant to be a top but it was too wrinkly and I couldn't be bothered to iron it so I made a blazer type thing out of it) 
ASOS Petite: $30 (short girl's dream: ASOS Petite) 
Kmart: Lace-up wedge boots $20 

Now for the best part of my day. The birthday dinner! We came home from our lecture eager and excited to dress up for our night out. We ate at a restaurant called The Groove Train, but as one of my friend's so perfectly put it, "We have two stomachs. One for the meal, and one for the dessert." So of course, we went to Max Brenners for dessert (Fondue for 2 anyone?).

Temt: Mint green sleeveless top $5 (yes it's the same one as the above but a different colour...of course when it's $5, you instinctively must buy at least 2!)
Kmart: High-low skirt $20
ALDO: Mint green heels (gifted) 

To conclude my extremely long post, I had an absolutely perfect day on my birthday, and I hope your birthdays are much the same in terms of the happiness they bring. Emotionally in the haze of the day, it's not about the amount of blood your heart's pumping or the neurons firing away in your brain every millisecond, but about how the people around you make you feel, the ones who are constantly there shaping the 19 years of your life, whether they've been present for all of them or not.

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  1. totally agree with your friend that said "we have two stomachs.." :D So true! And cool outfits :)