Parties and Potlucks


When you’ve had exams for the past few weeks, there is nothing more liberating than ‘grooming’. For those who don’t know this concept, it’s when you can finally thread your eyebrows and shave your legs, and pretty much re-emerge from the caveman state you were in during exams. Anyway, we had a couple of events to look forward to after exams. The first was red party, to which I wore the following.
Lucy in the sky: Crop top
ASOS Petite: High waist shiny tights
NOVO shoes: Chunky boot heels
River Island: Leather sleeve coat

As for my makeup, I used some of the products I shared here plus this amazing red matte lip cream from the Velour Lips range (I will be getting more of these very soon, so stay tuned).

On Sunday, our friends from third year invited a few of us to their new house for a potluck lunch. From the amazing food to the great company, everything about this day was just perfect. Some of the photos below are taken by the one and only Prema, a dear friend and budding photographer, while some, are taken by me, experimenting with her camera :P

As for the fashion of the day, here are some pictures of my beautiful friends sporting long, flowy, summery dresses, to ease into spring, and me, with a multi-coloured pattern skirt and a simple black, collared top.
Cotton On: Maxi dresses
Lucy in the sky: Patterned skirt
Forever new: Collared top

And finally, to finish off the study-free weekend, we had an intense card game sesh, while my friend baked this gorgeous cake for another friend’s birthday.

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