Spring Picks: Turtlenecks and flowy skirts


Gold Coast is slowly beginning to warm up, albeit slower than usual, and with sprinkles of rainy days here and there, but warming up nevertheless. So I’m slowly making the transition into my spring wardrobe, which includes a couple of recycled and new items. Here’s an outfit I wore to uni last week.
Valleygirl: White turtleneck
Kmart: High-low skirt (I just turned it around to make it look asymmetrical)
Kmart: Boots
Kmart: Backpack
Rubi: Sunglasses

As you can see, I’m a fan of Kmart and I’m not even ashamed of it! It’s seriously great for quick and cheap, yet great, buys!

Photos courtesy of my endlessly fun roommate, Tharani.

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