Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Black Swan


I know it's a little late for Australians and New Zealanders, but hopefully this will help for those on the other side of the planet. Halloween is not that big here in Australia but thank god for uni parties that let you go crazy with costumes and makeup. We all had so much fun dressing up for this, with costumes as crazy as "cereal killers" to black swan hehe. Here's my rendition of the Black Swan make-up below. Again, please excuse the poor photo quality. When you combine dull, incandescent light bulbs and grainy iPhone 5S camera quality, this is what you get. 

"The only person standing in your way is you" - Natalie Portman as Black Swan
I didn't have much time to take lots of photos and make this a proper "tutorial", but here are three photos of the process.

Products used: 
- Loreal Super Liner black buster
- Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite mascara (a product I raved about here)
- Rimmel Scandal Eyes eyeshadow stick in "Witness White"
- Velour Lips in Mel-burn and Buda-pash (not shown in above three images; see first image)
- Urban Decay Naked 1 in the shade Gunmetal*

*Update: In the original post, I incorrectly referred to the shade as Virgin. Sorry folks!

First I used the Super Liner to make a rough outline and colour in my brows. With the outline, I was actually making it up as I went, so you can really experiment with this. As long as you have some kind of cracked glass pattern going on and wings down the side, you're doing something right. I then filled some spaces with the Rimmel eyeshadow stick to give it a white, shiny base. I blended in Naked's gunmetal colour to these spaces to make it more silvery. For the remaining spaces, I used just Naked's gunmtal eyeshadow alone. I found using multiple colours made it a bit more interesting. I think the actual version that Natalie Portman wears is much darker - they use more blacks and dark silvers. 

For the lips, I used Velour Lips in Mel-burn (black) as the base and then made it into an ombre lip using Velour Lips in Buda-pash (deep red) in the middle. This was a pretty subtle ombre, just to add a bit more dimension, because anything too drastic would take away from the eyes. 

The full outfit - The dress was literally a last minute closet find
I regret not taking more photos because there were some really good costumes yesterday night. But here are a few close-ups and full-length shots of my beautiful friends and I. 



Hope some of these photos give you inspiration for this year or next year. 

Happy Halloween!

Photo credits: The stunning Sakhi


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  1. Wow you girls look amazing!
    I love your makeup and outfit :)
    Looks like you guys had lots of fun.

    Lots of love,
    Kayla <3 Xx

  2. Love your post! The makeup is stunning. Looks like you had a blast!

    XOXO Kim