September in Sydney: Khaki is the new black


Well it is almost the end of October, but my heart still seems to be in September. So here’s a throwback to when I spent a great summery day with one of my best friend’s at Parramatta. We had planned to go to this chic café, called Paper Planes, way back in December last year; but much to our dismay, when we went there near Christmas time, they were closed for the holidays. Since then, we’ve made many efforts to go but ended up checking off other brunch places off our list instead. So finally, we arrived at Paper Planes café and enjoyed this delicious brunch, while we chatted in the hum of the morning traffic.

Khaki-coloured fabrics are known to be a winter trend, because they add a little versatility to the monotony of black and grey tones. But recently, it’s been a spring pick of mine too. Let me explain. You know when the sun brings out the golden tips of your fading ombre, and perfectly complements the khaki coloured dress your wearing, to give you that walking sepia look? Well that’s what I loved about this pintuck tunic. It’s also a perfect summer dress because it’s light-weight and liberating for the sometimes hot, sticky Australian summer.
TheIconic: Pintuck tunic in Khaki
Marc Jacobs: Black leather watch
Target: Faded brown lace-up boots

In other news, I will be headed to New Zealand these holidays! Yay! I never feel like I’ve spent half as much time with my family as I’d like to when I’m in Sydney, and it’s been such a long time since we’ve had a family vacation, so I’m keen to wind down and enjoy the scenic New Zealand with them. Also, I’ve been getting sick of my iPhone quality photos lately, so I’m excited to announce I will be buying the Sony A6000 very soon. If anybody knows any good deals for this camera and lenses in Sydney, please let me know in the comments below! And, although I’m scared ****less about this, let me know what you think the best sky-diving place in New Zealand is – I want to check this off my bucketlist!

Thanks for reading!

Photo credits: The bodacious Bhiravi


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