September in Sydney: Plain tanks and floral skirts


When I landed in Sydney two weeks ago on that chilly Thursday night, I was bracing myself for a zest-less week of hoodies and fluffy socks. Little did I know how quickly summer temperatures were setting in this spring, with temperatures easily reaching 37 degrees in Sydney’s west! It was perfect timing because a couple of my friends from Gold Coast were coming down to celebrate another friend’s birthday that week, which meant I could show them around without the cold or rain getting in the way. To be honest, I felt oddly protective of Sydney, and had the profound desire to prove to them all the great things I always say about Sydney city. And sure enough, they really did enjoy it…even without my gloating :P

On Sunday, we had a surprise picnic for one of my closest friends, whom I hadn’t seen in a while. It was a scenic location (Meadowbank park) so I obviously bugged my friends to take photos of me for the blog (this has became the norm. Maybe I should just shrink one of my photographer friends so I can slip them into my pocket wherever I go). I think here I should take a moment to thank my friends for supporting my blog so much <3 

Ice: Floral skirt
Ice: Blue tank top
Marc Jacobs: Gold metal strap watch
Therapy: Sandals
Temt: Cardigan

As I mentioned before, these sandals were the only ones I brought down to Sydney, so you’ll see them pop up a few times. Definitely a favourite of mine. ICE was having a 2 for 1 sale last summer, which is when I bought two skirts (one shown above, and one yet to feature), as well as two tank tops (one blue shown above, and one black not shown). I keep to my word about inexpensive buys for the average uni student! ;)

And do not be dismayed if you live in the northern hemisphere and are braving the chilly gusts of wind, because floral patterns are back in for Fall! Just pair it with your favourite dark top and accessories, or find a grungier floral pattern to polarise the Spring/Fall dichotomy.   

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Photo creds: The beautiful Pratyu

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