Spring Picks: A beautiful day on the Gold Coast


Last week, three friends and I set out for a photography adventure on the coast just to try out our skills and experiment with their cameras. The weather was beautiful and we managed to capture some great shots.

With the temperatures slowly rising to mid-20s and wind still fleeting past, Gold Coast was only beginning to show the signs and symptoms of Spring. So pants and full-sleeved shirts were still a go-to but were paired with a summery item.
These boys were built for modelling - Captured by Prema
Left and right captured by Prema; Middle captured by me
Boohoo: Full-sleeved button-up shirt
Vintage: Dark blue denim shorts
Therapy: Black and brown buckled sandals

Kmart: Black cotton top
Cotton On: Blue, patterned maxi skirt

Just a side-note about these sandals, which you'll see will feature in many of my upcoming blog posts as they are the only pair of shoes I took with me to Sydney this break; these sandals are very comfortable and can be paired with so many different outfits. Definitely worth a buy! I think I purchased them from Novo shoes in Sydney. If you look at the first image you can see the heel has some quirky metal beads, which I really like. Although, it has made the security scanner at the airport go off more than once.

These boys could be the Asian One Direction - Captured by me
Ralph Lauren: Polo shirts
Myer: Pants (left)
ASOS: Pants (right)
Nathan's Calvin Klein watch - Captured by me
Charlie looking dope - Captured by me
Nathan the Greek god - Captured by Prema
Two boys and some pelicans - Captured by Prema
Trying to be models again - Captured by Prema
Nathan and I donning my glasses and buttoning up our shirts for the classic 'geek' look - Captured by Prema
Our attempt at Murad Osmann's 'Followmeto' series - Left image captured by Charlie and right captured by me

Behind the scenes - Captured by Charlie
Free - Captured by Prema
It started getting cold - Captured by Charlie
Candid mid-motion shot captured by Prema
Nathan trying to join in on the photography fun with his hand camera
Captured by me
Boat - Captured by me
 And finally, if you know this guy, go and harass him to make this his Facebook profile picture.

Thanks for reading lovely people! Be sure to follow the aspiring photographer, Charlie on his instagram. Other photo credits go to Prema, who is yet to start a photography portfolio.

Cameras credits: Canon EOS 70D and Olympus OM-D E-M5

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  1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Oh, and I love your shorts so much!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  2. Love the photography and all of you guys! Very refreshing to look at.. =)

    Jessica || www.mycubiclechic.com