Christchurch to Queenstown


For the last week and a bit, I was road tripping across the breathtakingly picturesque New Zealand, beginning first in South Island before finishing up at North Island. In hindsight, I was shocked at myself for not having visited this beautiful land earlier, being as close as it is to Australia. It’s truly a hidden treasure and makes Australia look barren in comparison. Everywhere you drive in New Zealand is a desktop wallpaper with great, snow-tipped mountains looming over empty, winding roads or bright blue waters. And you could almost taste the freshness of the air.

When we landed in Christchurch airport, we were greeted with sheep sound effects and terminal walls painted with sheep grazing on hills. It kind of smelt like sheep too. We realised we were officially in NZ then, because trust me, there are sheep everywhere. Literally everywhere.

New Zealand lies over two tectonic plates and it’s because of the motion and deformation between these plates that such unique geology exists in NZ, giving rise to mountain ranges, volcanoes and earthquakes. Christchurch was affected by an earthquake four years ago and much of the city is slowly being rebuilt. We were able to see a few buildings that were kept in ruins as a testament to the town’s resilience.

You’ll notice many of my outfits in NZ follow a neutral theme. There are many similar tops and shades due to my love for browns, khaki, and basic whites these days (much to my mother’s dismay).

Dotti: Purple roll neck top | Similar 
Adidas: Black and white sneakers | Buy
H&M: Black leggings

Below are a few pictures of the incredible scenery we saw on our road trip from Christchurch to Queenstown. We stopped by at Lake Tekapo (pictures towards the end) and were left in awe by its shimmering turquoise waters. Heads up: these photos will not do it justice. This water is so pure that you can drink it straight from the stream (my dad actually filled a bottle and drank it). We also stopped at a few other places, equally as mesmerising.

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  1. I really wanna go to New Zealand. The pictures are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing gorgeous <3

    Have an amazing weekend
    Lots of love,
    Kayla <3 Xx

    1. Yes! I would definitely recommend. Thanks for reading!


  2. wow the pictures are amazing. NZ is def on my bucket list. one day, until then I can live vicariously through your pics.

    1. Aww thank you! NZ is quite a unique place, definitely worth a visit :)

  3. How beautiful! I live in the desert, so beautiful green hills and water make me jealous. Thank you for sharing this happy view into this beautiful landscape :)

  4. Wonderful photos, the view looks so peaceful and beautiful. I hope to be able to visit someday. I remember reading about New Zealand in this one book called The Thorn Birds and when I read that it smelled like sheep, it reminded me of that book!
    by the way, thanks for visiting my blog, I just followed you!
    have a wonderful day!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~


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