Merry Christmas from Rotorua


In the spirit of Christmas, I thought I'd make another New Zealand trip post. While these are in no such order, be sure to check out my last one 'Christchurch to Queenstown'!

I'm sure you've heard of New Zealand's sulfur city, Rotorua, before, but don't worry if you haven't. You've probably smelled its air when you took a good whiff of those rotten eggs in your pantry. Because that is what it smelled like 90% of the time. So I haven't set the best standards in introducing this city, but trust me, it will blow you away in every other way. The reason for the sulfur smell is the high geothermal activity in that region, meaning volcanoes, hot springs, and magnificent geysers. The photos shown below were taken at Wai-o-tapu Thermal Wonderland, worth a visit if you want to see the Lady Knox geyser erupt and some colourful natural sights.

The Lady Knox geyser in the process of erupting
Bubbling hot mud pool
Okay, the real reason I chose this post for today is because we don't usually celebrate Christmas at the Vera residence, so this is the closest to Christmas colours I've worn all year...But I still love this time of year because while it may not mean trees, lights, and presents, it means sales! Dotti is having a massive sale at DFO, Homebush, so naturally, I did a Dotti haul. I bought so many of these roll neck tops, which I'm obsessed with at the moment, especially with Sydney's weather being as hit and miss as it is. The style seen below was only $5.95! 

Dotti Roll neck tank top | Similar
ASOS Khaki high rise jeans
Sonata Watch 
Temt Cream cardigan
The Iconic Brown lace-up boots (which became very much white after this trek)

If you're staying in Rotorua, it's also worthwhile to tour around locally and check out these really well-maintained Government Gardens. 

Have a very Merry Christmas you terrific people! Check back again for New Years by subscribing (instructions in the sidebar) and follow us on instagram


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  1. Wow, so gorgeous! I love your high wasted jeans. Merry christmas love! You get to enjoy the beauty of Rotorua <3 Thanks for sharing the pictures. XOXO

    Lots of love,
    Kayla Xx

    1. Thanks Kayla! Hope you had a great Christmas too :) x

  2. I really like your top! And the colors you wore here
    Great photos. Rotorua looks like such a beautiful place even though it doesn't seem to smell like it haha
    Have a wonderful day :)

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    1. thank you :) yeah i'm such a fan of those tops this season - i've already got 4 similar ones!
      you have an awesome day too, thanks for dropping by! x

  3. Wow, these pictures are absolutely breathtaking. It makes me want to go to New Zealand even more than I did before! Merry Christmas!

    1. yes, definitely worth a visit! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

  4. even though the smell might keep me away, the pictures make me want to go. lol. it looks so beautiful! merry belated Christmas and happy almost new year!